Dog Seizures FAQ’s by our Colorado Springs Veterinarian

Of all the neurological conditions, dog seizures are reported most often by pet owners. Seizures can feel frightening to both the dog and owner, especially before learning more about the causes of seizures and best control practices used in the veterinary field.

What are the most common causes of dog seizures?

Dog seizures may occur due to underlying medical problems, such as kidney failure, ingestion of toxins or brain tumors, or from idiopathic epilepsy. The seizures tend to happen without warning, especially during times of excitement or stress. The changes in brain activity during these times of heightened emotion are thought to trigger the seizures.

What should I do if my dog has a seizure?

In addition to feeling frightened, dogs commonly feel panic and confusion during a seizure. You can sit next to your dog and speak calmly while timing the seizure. If the seizure continues past the two-minute mark, use cold, wet rags and fans to cool down your dog. Seizures lasting more than five minutes require immediate care from a qualified veterinarian.

How can our Colorado Springs veterinarian help control my dog’s seizures?

A Colorado Springs veterinarian can help control dog seizures through the use of prescription medications. You will need to administer the medications on the given schedule to keep the seizures under control. The medication may not be discontinued, or seizure severity and duration may increase.

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