This team of people really cared about our baby Veda May. They kept us up to speed about what needed to be done to help our little girl. We ended up having to let her go and they allowed us to mourn in our own way, for as long as we needed to. We Thank everyone for what they've done for us!!

Terri Nacio Avatar Terri Nacio

I am so glad we found Dr. Puryear and his team.

We’ve entrusted the care of our pets with them for quite a while now and I am quite confident that Dr. Puryear has an earnest desire to give the best quality care to his patients.

He has always done a great job of explaining his reasoning for certain treatments and recommendations in ways that are easy to understand. And, of course, our pets are quite healthy and happy, thanks to the quality care given by all the staff at Faithful Friends.

I’ve had what I’ll call a rocky experience with veterinary care in the area, so it is a great relief to me to have finally found a veterinarian that gives me peace of mind. I recommend Faithful Friends wholeheartedly!

Nick Duncan Avatar Nick Duncan

My dog had her eye removed by faithful friends and her healing is going well. Without a doubt, even during this pandemic, the people at Faithful Friends provides the most comfortable and comprehensive experience I could have asked for. There was no sense of rush, every detail I asked about was explained in its entirety and the nurse even asked if I was in complete understanding, just to make sure. 11/10 will only go back here for my pets needs. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Louie Kabu Avatar Louie Kabu

Faithful Friends Animal Hospital is absolutely wonderful! Everyone there is so warm and caring. We have been taking Max there for over 10 years and the staff and Dr. Puryear have always gone above and beyond for their clients. Our 15 year old Max was sick recently, we called and their were no openings for a couple days, but a couple hours later, someone from the office called back and told us to bring him in at 5 (they close at 5:30). It turns out poor Max had a tumor on his spleen. They performed numerous tests on Max and came out to the car to give us the results (after 6p by now). We asked Dr. Puryear his opinion, and he was very honest with us about Max's chances and his quality of life. With broken-hearts, we decided it was best for Max to put him down. We came in, all wearing our masks along with the staff, and were given some quiet time with Max. With the lights dimmed, we all said goodbye to our Faithful Friend. It was after 7p by the time we left, and everyone was so sympathetic and caring. I just want them to know just how much we loved them and appreciated them. When the time comes that we are blessed to get a new dog, we will definitely be back. God Bless you all.

julie clark Avatar julie clark

They did an amazing job taking care of my dog and previous dogs we have had. Our dog cracked his tooth in half and had to have stitches and he was being stubborn and kept taking the stitches out himself. They were so understanding and called after we brought him home to make sure he was doing good! They truly care about the animals! I wouldnt go anywhere else.

brandy leggett Avatar brandy leggett

my spouse and i absolutely love this office. i have never had an issue getting in for an appointment. dr. puryear and his team are very attentive to our dogs. we were very fortunate to be referred to faithful friends animal hospital and dr. puryear by a dear friend; and we were immediately impressed — and i would recommend this office to any pet

parent. we were very nervous when one of our dogs needed surgery and the amazing staff put us completely at ease, and explained everything to us step by step. also, the office is extremely clean and tidy; and they carry top quality food in office, which is very convenient!

Bailey Roberts Avatar Bailey Roberts

Our dogs have been customers of Dr. Puryear and his staff since 1995 - back in the strip mall catty-corner from his current location.

Throughout seven dogs, they have ALWAYS provided the utmost of quality care and honesty - even when the diagnosis wasn't the best news.

Pat O'Connell Avatar Pat O'Connell

Dr. Puryear and the staff at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital are beyond excellent. Both of my cats can be a bit skittish but Dr. Puryear makes them very comfortable. I cannot recommend this veterinarian clinic enough; I couldn’t imagine going to any other vet. If I could give them higher than 5 stars I absolutely would.

Ryan Harris Avatar Ryan Harris

This place is the best! My chihuahua mix had dental surgery here. He had a little bit of trouble with his recovery and I felt so supported by this animal hospital! They made sure he got back to his health in no time. It’s important to note that my dog felt very comfortable here. He normally gets the “bad boy” tag for aggression (fearful chihuahua syndrome) and this is the first place that he hasn’t had to wear a muzzle because he is so at ease with the staff. I absolutely recommend!

Alyssa Harris Avatar Alyssa Harris

Have been taking my senior cat here for half of her life, but have also brought in my brother's dog when I was taking care of her and two older dogs of my parent's. Every single time, I have been treated with patience and respect. More than once have the doctors, techs and front desk staff gone above and beyond for me and my animals. They always have been up front and honest, and have listened attentively with my concerns. I'm so glad I found Faithful Friends. The picture is of my cat in one of their sinks. She feels that comfortable there!

Cassie Eacker Avatar Cassie Eacker