If you are searching for a veterinarian in Colorado Springs, CO for your pet’s health care needs, consider the services of Faithful Friends Animal Hospital. Dr. William Puryear has been serving the medical needs of pets in Colorado Springs, CO since 1996. During that time we have transformed into a welcoming vet clinic that utilizes state-of-the-art technology. Whether you are in need of pet immunizations, spay/neuter, or pet dental care, we provide comprehensive pet services for your convenience.

Diagnosing Pet Health Needs

When you bring your pet to Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, we begin with pet diagnostics. We are established as a full-service pet hospital and are equipped to provide a number of diagnostic methods. The most common type of diagnostic tool we use is a pet x-ray to accurately diagnose internal injuries or conditions.

We are also set up to provide veterinary ultrasounds for cats and dogs. The use of ultrasound allows Dr. Puryear to review the internal organs and systems including blood circulation. This is a noninvasive method that is preferred over exploratory surgery. Our veterinary hospital also provides otoscopic examinations to explore the ear canal and diagnose ear diseases and infections.

Pet Preventative Care

Ideally you can protect your pet from needing to get diagnostics for conditions and diseases. The best way to manage this is through pet preventative care. By getting your pet examined on a regular basis we have a base line to go by for detecting early onset diseases and conditions. Our yearly exam also includes a pet dental checkup and cleaning. Protecting your pet from oral diseases and infections starts with pet dental care.

Spay and Neuter

We also provide pet immunizations for puppies and kittens, which is the strongest line of defense against some of the most dangerous diseases. Additionally, if you want to protect your pet against reproductive cancers and associated conditions, consider our spay and neuter services.


Here at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital we also provide microchipping ID services to help you keep track of your pet. The use of microchipping is also beneficial for managing your pet’s health records. We can store all of their vital information within the computer system accessible by the microchipping code.

Pet Surgery

If your pet is in need of pet surgery, consider laser surgery under the well-trained care of our pet doctor. Dr. Puryear is one of the most experienced pet surgeons in the Colorado Springs area. He will use anesthesia as needed while committing to medical protocols for blood screening and post-surgical supervision. After your pet has undergone surgery we can provide pet pain management solutions to ease their discomfort.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Colorado Springs Veterinarian

Whether you are new to Colorado Springs and in need of an experienced veterinarian or want to transfer your current pet services, let Faithful Friends Animal Hospital assist you. Contact our office at 719-596-8544 to schedule your pet exam, pet surgery, dental care, or emergency pet services. We are currently offering a discount on pet exams for new patients.