If your dog or cat has always seemed like the most active, energetic member of your family, you may be worried and upset to seem him limping, struggling to move around, or showing other signs of musculoskeletal pain. But not every pet can or should receive strong painkilling medications or surgical pain management solutions. Fortunately, there’s a better way to get your pet feeling and moving like his old self. It’s called cold laser therapy, and we offer it right here at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

Joint, muscle or neurological pain in pets may have a variety of possible causes, from acute injuries to degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis. Cold laser therapy provides a means of treating the underlying causes of your pet’s pain, thus relieving his symptoms without surgery or drugs. A “cold” or low-level laser operates on a lower frequency than the high-power lasers used in modern surgery.

The beam passes right through your pet’s skin without damaging it — allowing it to work its healing benefits on underlying tissues. The energy of the laser triggers a response in the cells that increases the amount of ATP, a fuel source for tissue regeneration. In addition to helping injuries heal more quickly, the laser energy increases circulation to the injury site, relieving inflammation and pain for easier joint mobility.

What Your Dog or Cat Can Expect

We may recommend cold laser therapy for a wide range of conditions. It can prove helpful in treating osteoarthritis, tendinitis, sprains, strains, neuropathy, hip dysplasia, degenerative spinal diseases, and even ear infections. It can also speed post-operative recovery. Better yet, this form of care is an amazingly easy experience for dogs and cats. Your pet simply sits or lies still while our veterinarian applies the laser, with no shaving or anesthesia required. (Some pets find it so soothing that they drift off to sleep.)

While the pain relief and healing benefits may become evident right away, our veterinarian usually recommends several sessions for best results. Since cold laser therapy is extremely safe and well tolerated, you can even schedule it as an ongoing pain management regimen for your pet’s chronic pain condition — with no worries about overdoses, side effects, or drug interactions.

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