At Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, our Colorado Springs veterinarian offers all the pet dental care services your pet needs to achieve and maintain optimal oral and dental health. From routine dental exams and cleanings to treatment for dental problems (such as tooth decay and gum disease), we provide your pet with the quality and compassionate care he or she deserves.

The Importance of Pet Dental Health

Your pet’s dental health is an extremely important aspect of your pet’s overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, dental and oral health is often overlooked by pet owners. When was the last time your pet saw a vet for a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning? If it’s been more than a year or two, then there’s a good chance your pet has plaque, tartar, and other build-up on the teeth and below the gum line that could be causing serious problems. Some of the more common dental problems we see in our office, for example, include:

  • gum/periodontal disease
  • tooth decay
  • dental abscesses

Over time, overlooked dental problems can even lead to the need for tooth extraction, which may prevent your pet from being able to consume hard foods. Instead, your pet may need to be switched to a soft/wet food diet.

How Our Veterinary Team Can Help

Our veterinary team offers a variety of pet dental care services, including dental exams and cleanings. During your pet’s dental exam, we’ll make a thorough assessment of your pet’s oral health and be on the lookout for signs of dental problems such as inflamed gums and decay. From there, we can make a recommendation regarding next steps. In most cases, we will at least recommend a comprehensive teeth cleaning, which is done while your pet is under anesthesia.

Pet dental cleanings allow us to perform an in-depth cleaning to remove plaque and build-up not just on the teeth, but below the gum line as well. This can help to treat early stages of gum disease while also helping to freshen your pet’s breath and protect against decay.

During your pet’s exam, we can also perform X-rays as needed to spot signs of underlying dental issues that may not otherwise be obvious to the naked eye. Ultimately, our goal is to help improve and optimize your pet’s dental, oral, and overall health.

Request an Appointment with Our Colorado Springs Veterinarian

If it’s been more than a year since your pet’s last dental exam, now is a great time to schedule an appointment with our Colorado Springs veterinarian. You can reach Faithful Friends Animal Hospital by calling 719-596-8544 to schedule an appointment or find out more.