Any owner of a female pet invariably has to consider the possibility of that pet becoming pregnant. Even if you like the idea of puppies and kittens inhabiting your home, it may be an impractical proposition — but that isn’t the only reason you should schedule spay surgery for your pet. Here at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, we can administer this form of sexual sterilization to provide your best friend with a variety of important, possibly even lifesaving health benefits — while also helping to control your personal pet population.

An Important Veterinary Health and Wellness Procedure

Both spay surgery (for females) and neuter surgery (for males) are considered important veterinary procedures for preventing or minimizing a variety of health and wellness issues. In the case of spay surgery, the removal of a female animal’s ovaries and uterus also removes the potential for ovarian and uterine cancer — either of which can easily prove fatal. At the same time, we’re dramatically reducing your pet’s risk for breast cancer, a disease that that is fatal in more than half of all dogs at 90 percent of all cats who are diagnosed with it.

Spaying can also benefit your female pet’s long-term health through its effects on her behavior. The hormonal shifts caused by the reproductive organs typically cause pets to become more aggressive, both with humans and with other animals, and this can lead to dangerous fights. The urge to find a mate also translates into roaming behaviors that may take your pet far from the safety of your home. Spay surgery makes your pet happier, easier to interact with, and more content to stay out of harm’s way.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the value of sterilization to the animal community. Owners who can’t take care of multiple puppies and kittens often have to give them shelters. Spaying your pet is therefore, a humane act as well as a great convenience.

What to Expect From Your Pet’s Spay Surgery

Our Colorado Springs veterinarian at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital, Dr. Puryear, can spay a pet of any age, but it’s best to have it done around 8 weeks of age. This ensures that your pet will never undergo that first heat cycle or be subjected to the hormonal changes associated with puberty, allowing her to enjoy the full potential health benefits of spaying. We will instruct you on pre-operative routines such as withholding food after dinnertime and discouraging excessive activity on the morning of surgery. The surgery itself will be performed under carefully-administered general anesthesia, with the total time varying from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the type/age of animal whether she is currently in heat.

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